Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God is looking for just one thing – the one whose heart is set on Him. God’s ability is constant but we need to avail ourselves to God’s ability. When a man avails himself to God, the whole world will know it because there is not a single circumstance in this natural world that can stand as an obstacle against such a one.

One of the domains where we are to avail ourselves to God is in that of finances. Prosperity is good news for God’s people. This is the decade where we avail ourselves to experience the so-much-more of God. We are the sons of God.

Everything belongs to our Father. We need to become responsible over what God has given us charge of; He has given us charge of the Gospel.

We are to pray to the Father that we may set our hearts to avail ourselves to Him, in matters of finances, for the furtherance of the Gospel in this decade of harvest, of seeding the infallible Gospel and the triumph of Christ in the world. In this new apostolic age, God is raising a company of sons and daughters with the resources needed to present the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the loveliness of His Person and the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the Glorious Church.