Our heavenly Father is entrusting us with a greater charge. In 2017, we received the charge to announce Christ to different churches across the nations of the world. We went to strategic regions of the globe where the Church needed to be reinforced, edified, and educated in the revelation of the mystery. We were urgently given three years to reach the world. Little did we know that God’s reason for this was that in 2020 there would be a pandemic that would shut down the world and all forms of travel and gatherings in halls would be practically impossible.


We’re thankful for God’s faithfulness and His leading. We are grateful to have been able to cover the scale of ministry that we did, in the space of grace and in the timing of the Lord, which was so crucial. We could have not known! But all we knew is that we heard, and when God speaks, His orders are to be carried urgently.


It is with great joy that we are looking at another three year. In 2021, 2022, 2023, the Lord is taking us through a journey of the unlimited divine flow. God furnishes with grace. He enables us. We are participating in the mission of Christ and in His continuing ministry, in what He is doing in our world today. We have received the delicate task to minister Christ in this 21st Century post-modern world. WE have received a stewardship of the Holy Things that have been passed down to us once and for from the First Century through the Apostles. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who are eagerly watching how we will carry out this ministry. What we are going to do together as a community in this next three years will greatly impact the message of Christ in the world.